Thursday, March 10, 2011


I smoke the occasional cigarette, and while I understand people's aversion to the smell, I resent people who tell me that every time I light up I'm not only hurting myself, I'm exposing others to harmful secondhand or Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS). But the people who tell me this have been sucking on the teat of the media for far too long, and they haven't bothered to check their facts. The study that everyone has heard of about the harmful effects of ETS was forced through while making use of bad science and flawed statistical practice. The actual amount of smoke that nonsmokers take in, even in a smoky environment, amounts to about 6 cigarettes per year! In order to be considered a smoker, someone needs to smoke 100 cigarettes a year, so this is obviously far less than the defined amount. And before someone tells me that smoking kills, I know it does. I choose to smoke, and if it kills me, I won't care because i'll be dead. Feel me?

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